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No matter what variation of Euchre you play, chances are your must-have rules are available here: Best Bower/Benny/Joker's Wild, Defend Alone, Call for Best, Laps, Canadian Order, 5/10/11/15 point games, and the option to add the 7s/8s to the card deck. The game is sized to fit well on most desktops, laptops and tablets.

Currently, this is a single-player game only. Bots fill the positions of your partner and opponents. Not to worry, they are pretty solid players: there is no "Conservative/Aggressive" setting...they play aggressively or conservatively based on who made trump, the current trick count, and what cards have been played. If you are the type to contract strategy with your partner, your partner can be tweaked to follow some of the commonly used strategies. A future goal of this site is to provide the most awesome multi-player Euchre game available. You can also expect native versions for tablets and smartphones.

  • August 5, 2013: This website was launched!
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Euchre Hub designed, developed, and hosted by Primal Software Solutions, Rochester, MI USA
The Deal:
9 - Ace
8 - Ace
7 - Ace
Add a Joker as highest ranking trump (Best Bower / The Benny / Joker's Wild)
When the upcard:
Named by Dealer
Dealer must pick it up
Re-Deal on:
Ace, No Face
No Ace, No Face
No Ace, No Face, No Trump
The Make:
Natural Suit: Cannot make trump unless holding at least one card of that suit
Canadian: The partner of the dealer can only order up if going alone
Defend Alone: An opponent of the maker can defend alone for 4 points on a euchre
but defending alone is only allowed against a player going alone
Screw the Dealer: The dealer cannot pass when given the chance to call suit
Call for Best: A player going alone can request partner's best card
The Play:
Amish Loner: The opponent to the left of a player going alone leads first card of play
No First Blood: A round cannot be led with trump unless it's the only suit being held
The Score:
A game is won with:
5 points
10 points
11 points
15 points
Laps: Extra points won at the end of a game are carried over to the next game
Super Euchre: Opponents who take all 5 tricks on a euchre win an extra 2 points
Partner Tweak:
Never order up the Right/Best Bower to me if given the chance
Always pick up the Right/Best Bower if given the chance
If dealer turns down and you get the chance to call trump but are inclined to pass:
Call trump at every chance
Call if opponents are 1 point away from a win
If I dealt:
Best suit
Opponent dealt:
Best suit
Cross creek
When I make trump and you have the lead:
lead with trump