Welcome to Euchre Hub, a single-player euchre game with a virtual partner and opponents.
Great effort was made to accomodate the most common international variations:
  • Midwestern USA (Call for Best, Laps, Natural Suit, No First Blood)
  • Canada (Order to Partner Alone)
  • Western Europe (Joker / Best Bauer)
  • Australia (addition of 7s and 8s to the card deck)
Newest features as of June 24, 2018:
  • Corrected the Natural Suit rule...it will now only apply when ordering, and not when calling.
  • After a hand plays out, review the cards dealt for each player and progression of play.
  • Hand Review details can be downloaded to a text file (in most modern web browsers).
Please feel free to send requests or feedback to:
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Designed, developed, and hosted by Rob in Detroit, MI USA
The Deal:
9 - Ace
8 - Ace
7 - Ace
Add a Joker as highest ranking trump (Best Bower / The Benny / Joker's Wild)
When the upcard:
Named by Dealer
Dealer must pick it up
Re-Deal on:
Ace, No Face
No Ace, No Face
No Ace, No Face, No Trump
Fast Deal: Skip animation that deals the cards in sets of 3 and 2
The Make:
Natural Suit: Cannot make trump unless holding at least one card of that suit
Canadian: The partner of the dealer can only order up if going alone
Defend Alone: An opponent of the maker can defend alone for 4 points on a euchre
but defending alone is only allowed against a player going alone
Screw the Dealer: The dealer cannot pass when given the chance to call suit
Call for Best: A player going alone can request partner's best card
The Play:
Amish Loner: The opponent to the left of a player going alone leads first card of play
No First Blood: A round cannot be led with trump unless it's the only suit being held
The Score:
A game is won with:
5 points
10 points
11 points
15 points
Laps: Extra points won at the end of a game are carried over to the next game
Super Euchre: Opponents who take all 5 tricks on a euchre win 4 points
Partner Tweak:
Never order up the Right/Best Bower to me if given the chance
Always pick up the Right/Best Bower if given the chance
Automatically stop play when the outcome is imminent due to a player
holding the highest trump card known to all players